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Aroid Rare Plants Acrylic Clip

Aroid Rare Plants Acrylic Clip

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These adorable Aroid Rare Plants acrylic clips are double-sided and a super fun way to organize and more.

These clips are made from crystal clear acrylic with a gentle clip mechanism. The clips feature the same design on both sides and can be used to keep papers or fabrics together.

This clip has a regular opening side. We have 2 versions of clips. Make sure you have the right now you like.


Anthurium Warocqueanum

Width: 0.75 inch

Height: 2.75 inch


Monstera Albo & Anthurium Luxurians

Width: 1.5 inch

Height: 2 inch


Alocasia Frydek Variegated

Width: 1 inch 

Height: 2 inch


Monstera Aurea

Width: 1.75 inch

Height: 2 inch 

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