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The Moss Pole

Aroid Rare Plants Phone Grip Holder

Aroid Rare Plants Phone Grip Holder

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The cell phone grip holder is made of high quality acrylic, perfect fit for any phone with or without a case.
The high-viscosity adhesive makes the phone grip attach to your phone/case firmly for a secure grip, which prevents your phone from dropping and reduces the risk of theft. The few residues left after detaching can be wiped off by rubbing alcohol easily.
Easy installation.

Decorate your phone with some green!




Monstera Albo & Anthurium Luxurians

Width: 2 inch

Height: 2.5 inch 

Alocasia Frydek Variegated

Width: 2 inch 

Height: 3.75 inch

Monstera Aurea

Width: 2 inch

Height: 2 inch

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