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The Moss Pole

Aroid Rare Plants Keychain

Aroid Rare Plants Keychain

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Bring the plant with you and your favorite home. 

Out of space to have more plants?

This can be perfect for you.

A great gift to share your planting life with other plant lovers, friends, and family.

Solid Acrylic Aroid Keychain, travel with plants!



Anthurium Warocqueanum

Width: 0.75 inch

Height: 2.75 inch


Monstera Albo & Anthurium Luxurians

Width: 1.5 inch

Height: 2 inch


Alocasia Frydek Variegated

Width: 1 inch 

Height: 2 inch


Monstera Aurea

Width: 1.75 inch

Height: 2 inch 


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